Saturday, December 5, 2015

Here's why I loved Angry Indian Goddesses

Very rarely do I come across an Indian movie that reflects real life clearly. This movie is like that. For the first time in Indian cinema, I noticed raw emotions of women in real friendship.

There was one dialogue in the beginning to which even my male friend laughed. ( I emphasize on his laughter because he was not convinced initially, not at all. So the laughter gave me hope). It was something like this-
"you are not the kind to hate someone."
"Yeah but I am the kind to bitch about someone."

Dusky faces, usual clothes, serious issues and light hearted moments, the movie has all the elements from the lives of modern Indian women.

The mysteries were predictable, but that's not the point. It isn't a mystery movie anyway. It's the first Indian movie with full focus on female friendship. Let's cherish that!

Indian cinema has always ignored this aspect of us women. And if I speak for myself and my friends, our friendship is the most important thing to us. We know each other inside out, well at least more than our parents do. And it isn't just about knowing, we understand each other. Oh, and even at times when we don't understand what our friends do or say, we support them. No parent can be that unbiased.

And let's just forget men. Just this once. After all, it can't be about them all the fucking time.