Friday, April 26, 2013


Lead Roles

Chitrangada; as Maya. I am a fan of hers from now on.
Arjun Rampal; as Rahul. I watched the movie because I like him.


Guy notices girl. He offers her to work under him in an advertising agency. She happily accepts the job. Then a relationship starts, mentor-protégé relationship. She falls in love with him. But neither of them proposes to the other. Rahul turns out to be a disappointment for the audience, because he never actually confronts his feelings for Maya.

Rumors through the office grapevine disturb Maya. That unacknowledged relationship, between Maya and Rahul, begins to get sore. A mentor must know when to step aside n let his protégé make her own choices. Rahul, instead, got angry at Maya for taking decisions that he didn't approve of.

Tired of her estranged lover turned pain in the ass, Maya accuses Rahul of Sexual harassment. In the end, stupid Rahul finally, finally confesses his love to Maya. But he is too stubborn to get back to his workplace after everything has been sorted out between him and his muse. Thus, the disappointing climax undermines everything that has gone before.


Singer        :  Papon
Composer  :  Shantanu Moitra
Lyricist       :  Swanand Kirkire

My favorite lyrics from the movie's song- "Khamoshiya":

Khamoshiyaan awaaz hai, lafzon mein bas inkaar hai
Lafzon ne chuna, lafzon ne buna, jo bhi humne kaha, jo bhi humne suna
na humein ilm hai, na tumhe hai pata, jaane ho kab kahan, lafzon se khata  
lafzon mein rawaan kuch kahi ansuna, lafzon mein bayaan kuch kahi ankaha
dil pe jaane ghaav koi laga, lafz hi de gaye lafzon ko daga
khamoshiyaan awaaz hai, lafzon mein bas inkaar hai  

Would I care to watch it again?

No. I was so angry at Rahul, throughout the movie, for continually denying his love. (That's how the movie got its name - Inkaar.)

Though it has a few plus points:

  • The movie gives a quick peek into the field of advertising. That is quite enthralling for an outsider.
  • Chitrangada and Arjun look great together.